The Black Map #168: Replacer from Guildford!

Guildford in leafy Surrey isn’t necessarily a place you’d think of when it comes of Metal but actually there is a thriving scene there with venues like The Boiler Room and The Holroyd Arms as well of course as Radar Festival taking place in the University town which means an audience should be easy to find. Calling themselves an Aggravated Beatdown Deathcore Replacer are a band who came to prominence with debut EP “Pretentious Pain” in 2019 which is painfully close to 60k Spotify Streams, while vocalist Barney Warner also pulls double duty with Bound In Fear frontman Ben Mason in Geezercore side project Pintglass. Known for their fierce live show and love of bringing a guest vocalist on board, Replacer have hinted at having no less than seven demos in the works, one of which may well be last months “Backbone“. A track which not only features Janosch from Spawn Of Disgust but also pulls a favour from the US, thanks no doubt to the Pintglass split with Strangled, the new track was mixed and mastered by Mychal Soto at Slamnasium Recordings.

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