The Black Map #14: Borders from Lincoln!

Episode #14 of our journey across the Black Map of the UK Underground Metal scene sees us heading to the East Midlands City of Lincoln. Not only does the City have a Castle which houses a Victorian Prison, but it also has a copy of the Magna Carta within its walls. But that’s enough of a History lesson, we’re here for Metal and they don’t come more metal that Lincoln quartet Borders. May 2017 saw the band drop their current EP “Diagnosed” and go on to play shows with the likes of Faces Of Eve, Anti-Clone and Whitechapel. Is the scene over populated with DJent orientated Progressive Metalcore bands? Hell No. Not if it’s done well and that is exactly how Borders do it. “Diagnosed” is available over at Bandcamp and you can catch them live on fell Lincoln crew Martyr Defiled‘s farewell tour in September.

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