NEWS: Rituals turn away…

Rising Newcastle Metalcore quartet Rituals hit a trio of home runs in 2020 with singles “P.O.V“,  “Snakes Head” and “False Royal” as they honed their craft and prepared a fanbase for their debut EP, a four track affair simply titled “Awake“. 3rd September is the date for the drop with the band sharing single “Turn Away From The Sun” as a teaser for the offering that is said to feature just a handful of the cuts the band have yet to commit to tape.

The band comment: “Awake is a combination of thought processes. It is about developing a sense of self-worth, whilst realising false realities, and remoulding yourself into the person you’ve wanted to become. Musically, it is a collection of four songs created in a heavier vein than our previous material, as we strive to constantly evolve our sound

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