Review: “Decorticated Burial Of Delirium” by Borboropsis

Describing themselves as Dayton Ohio psychward inducing purveyors of Doom infused Death Metal, Borboropsis are a quartet former by members of Flesh Warfare, Well Of Night and Moiscus who cite inspiration from the likes of diSEMBOWELMENT and Dusk. Their debut was recorded, mixed and mastered by Shaun O’Shaughnessy that is accompanied by artwork by Suguru Tanaka with Bridgette Clifton accredited with the bands classically barely readable but instantly recognisable logo.

The raw nature of the recording of this debut offering serves to add to the dirge laden atmospheric crush of the beast as it sounds primitive and cavenous, giving the impression that is was recorded in a sprawling cave structure in the vast, dark depths of hell itself. Curiously that doesn’t overly muddy Max Otworth’s drum sound which remains crisp and clear despite a little reverb on the bass drum during some of the jackhammer footwork. What it does do however is make Nash Walkup’s Death growling low vocals echo around your skull like the summoning of the Demon within, a calling to the void that it takes great strength to resist. Despite its dark rumblings, it is not a release without its fair share of melody and contained with the extended duration of  “Transmute Miseries Of The Solemn Halls” are some brilliantly ecclectic acoustic lead parts before a traditional Metal acoustic closing that showcases some impressive picking parts and proves that this band are more than the monolithic beast they claim to be. As well as the aforementioned inspirations there are also some distinctly Black Metal influences in the mix and the slow death of “Decortication | Delirium” is a perpetual agony that takes everything low and slow before building up into a mid section of Blast Beats and a rampaging solo that present divine intervention to the skull crushing depravity. There is an sense of epic grandeur to the latter half of the track that is a surprise given its monstrous opening and the  finale that sounds like a Harp is the most Avant-garde moment by far. A Trojan horse of a release, this isn’t for the faint hearted [7/10]

Track listing

  1. Echoed Winds Of Corporeal Derangement
  2. Transmute Miseries Of The Solemn Halls
  3. Decortication | Delirium

Decorticated Burial Of Delirium” by Borboropsis is out 20th August via Solitude Digital and is available over at bandcamp.

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