Review: “Embers Gathering” by Fleshbore

Forged in the heat of Indianapolis Indiana in 2017, Tech-Death quintet Fleshbore have cut their teeth touring the Midwest and New England with the likes of Dying Fetus, Rings of Saturn and Equipoise armed with material from a duo of independently released EPs with 2018’s “Malignancy” showing considerable growth. That time has however lead to line up changes with Tyler Mulkey on drums and Michael O’Hara on vocals joining the axe attack of Michael McGinley and Cole Chavez with Cole Daniels on bass as the band began writing and recording their debut full length record “Embers Gathering” with Jackson Ward (Duelranger, Antithesys, Global Plague) at Strata Recording…

It has to be said that “Embers Gathering” is a far more refined affair than its predecessor as well as being a far more personal record. This time out lyrics relate to the perspective gained through overcoming life’s many challenges by facing them head on… like a raging bull. Opening cut “Momentum” starts with a melodic Post-Hardcore riff that might catch you off guard before diving head long into blisteringly paced kit work and some helter skelter riffage that pushes the boundaries of the genre. We’re not talking Blackened Slamming Gurgle-core fused with experimental Jazz Prog Rock here but it isn’t that far away and it has to be said that the most brutal part of the record are the throat splitting vocals of O’Hara who is the consummate Death Metal vocalist with incredible unclean range. The lyrics are just about audible but he does love a slam verse while the addition of gang chanted parts on the likes of “Cynicism” being a plus and really well worked. The rap screamed vocal parts of “Embers Gathering” and “Revivified” are oddly reminiscent of “Decimate The Weak” era Winds of Plague with frenetic riff bursts that are immense. While the vocals are pretty brutal, the guitars are far more schizophrenic with everything from odd time signatures, tapping and ear catching melodies deployed through the length of the record with menacing tones that aren’t necessarily all that low to allow the skill and dexterity of those riffs to shine through. They’re vibrant and fluid and make the band stand out from the pack with a technical sheen that is owe inspiring and at times as complex as the work of Rings of Saturn. The haunting riffs of “The Scourge” create eerie atmosphere to great effect with a real melancholic sense to the cut while the mix allows some funky bass to pop out in nuance that works really well and gives off that familiar Revocation vibe in Avant-garde Tech-Death style adding a new dimension. If you wanted to be ultra critical, the bass drum sound that the band have on the album is a little flat but in all honesty there is so much else to enjoy here, only the discerning listener may notice [8/10]

Track listing

1. Momentum
2. Careless Preacher
3. Cynicism
4. The Scourge
5. Embers Gathering
6. Revivified
7. One Thousand Hands

“Embers Gathering” by Fleshbore is out 13th August 2021 via Innerstrength Records with pre-orders available over at bandcamp

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