Review: “Selenophile Impia” by Ouija

The return of Spanish Cult Black Metal outfit Ouija after 8 long years of silence finds them continuing to tread a familiar path as they take influence from the glory days of the 90s Swedish scene with a three track offering that follows 2013’s “Ave Voluptatis Carnis” as of it were yesterday. That is thanks to the song writing partnership of guitarist Map and vocalist Midgard who are the only remaining original members of the group as 2020 saw bassist Shogoth (Estertor, Onirophagus, ex-Icosis), drummer Labelua (Apostles of Perversion, ex-Occultum Lapidem, ex-Atrexial) and second guitarist Jose Navarro (ex-Hathor) all drafted in to round out the band and breathe new life into the dying embers once more.

Having been birthed in 1994 the Ouija aren’t a band who are looking back on the 90’s Black Metal scene with rose tinted spectacles, they were as part of it and despite two 8 year breaks in their career, their return is a welcome one. The decision to release an EP may seem like an odd one but the 20 minute affair is a suitable reminder of just how good this band have been while offering an insight into what they may offer in the future and serves as a fine way to blow away the cobwebs and reignite the fires of old. The title track is as you might expect, a classic Black Metal affair of rampaging blast beats, rich dark and haunting melodies and vicious throaty snarling vocals. The cut is essentially split into three parts with a melodic break between each driven, rage fueled part and while it might not offer anything fresh, it is an anvil of a solid return with a nod to the influence of Sacramentum. Injecting some Blackened Thrash and Sodom influenced flavours “Kerberos…Like Hell Dogs” has much more swagger and intent to it, the clean production lending itself to creating an atmosphere that reeks with the stench of Death. Good use of rhythmic darkness and some impressive and considered drum patterns make this distinctly Old School without sounding raw. The final cut “Therianthropic Involution” is the stand out here as the vocals have more edge while the aching piano passage is worth the entrance fee alone. The dark, moody and at times monstrous vocals have improved since “Ave Voluptatis Carnis” with Midgard having perhaps more control or mastery of his techniques and overall the sound has matured like a fine wine. Death is only the beginning [7/10]

Track listing

  1. Selenophile Impia
  2. Kerberos…Like Hell Dogs
  3. Therianthropic Involution

Selenophile Impia” by Ouija is out now and available over at bandcamp

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