NEWS: Bleed Again play the victim before resurgence?

The first single from the upcoming album  “Resurgence” by Brighton based Metalcore merchants Bleed Again has surfaced in “Victim“. Successful shows with the likes of  Darkest Hour, King 810 and Death Remains lead to their 2017 debut “Momentum” being picked up by Sliptrick Records and extensive touring throughout Europe, alongside a series of prestigious festival appearances at Amplified and Mammothfest before 2019’s “Transition” but the date you really need to know is 29th October 2021 as on this evidence, the best is yet to come. “Resurgence” has been Mixed and Mastered by Justin Paul Hill (The Five Hundred, Hacktivist, Them Bloody Kids) which is a ringing endorsement while pre-orders are available here


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