NEWS: Blood Youth look for “Something To Numb The Pain”!

How many Blood Youth singles does it take to sink a battleship? A fifth single from an album the band recorded immediately before the first UK lockdown in March 2020 has surfaced in “Something To Numb The Pain” as the band continue their tour with Death Blooms across the country. The first with new vocalist Harry Rule of God Complex fame, it will be followed by another run in February with Cane Hill and Diamond Construct that is a mouth watering prospect, especially as it’s a co-headlining one…

Something To Numb The Pain was one of the first songs written/composed for the new album. We wrote the outro riff whilst on tour in soundcheck in Germany and I ended up just slotting the rest of the song around it. We wanted to tap into a more classic Blood Youth structure/format whilst implementing new elements like solos, synths, drum patterns and vocal ranges. The song’s lyrical theme touches a lot on the subject of fake people. As a band, we’re sick and tired of watching people in this industry and the new bands pop up that aren’t in it for the right reasons think they belong here, and then crash and burn. They’re leeches. And this song is about seeing right through someone. Because when you’ve seen it for so long as we have, you know exactly when it’s there” says guitarist Chris Pritchard

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