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Bootleg: Blood Youth at Leeds Temple Of Boom!

If you haven’t already had the pleasure of witnessing Blood Youth live with new vocalist Harry Rule, formerly of God Complex front and center then this pro-shot full set courtesy of Sean Pitcam is the perfect opportunity. The freshly released show that comes complete with dedicated drum cam footage of Brad Radcliffe was filmed at

Bootleg: God Complex in Liverpool (The Final Show)!

After vocalist Harry Rule exited stage left to join Blood Youth left them something to think about, the much loved God Complex decided to call time on the band after one last show and the release of an album that has been waiting in the wings. The show took place at Zanzibar in Liverpool Merseyside on

NEWS: Diamond Construct hit it back…

…with some GTA style graphics the much teased new single “Hit It Back” from Diamond Construct has finally landed. Mixed and mastered by Lance Prenc (Void Of Vision, Alpha Wolf), it’s been given the full music video treatment by former Aversions Crown vocalist  Colin Jeffs of Ten Of Sword Collective, which leaves us wondering if

Playthrough: “Blood & Honey” from Cane Hill!

It has to be said that one of the biggest surprises when it comes to recent tour package announcements has been the co-headlining European tour trek that will see Blood Youth, Cane Hill and Diamond Construct join forces in February 2022. Endorsed by ESP Guitars, EMG Pickups, FU-Tone Kemper Profiler Guitar Amplifiers, Ernie Ball Strings and

Review: “Life Is Pain” by Death Blooms

“We recorded the album last year with David Radahd-Jones in Manchester at Red City, which seems like a lifetime ago at this point. We’ve been in the exact same position as everyone else: raring to go, but waiting for the right moment. These songs were all written before what’s happened in the last 18 months,

NEWS: Blood Youth look for “Something To Numb The Pain”!

How many Blood Youth singles does it take to sink a battleship? A fifth single from an album the band recorded immediately before the first UK lockdown in March 2020 has surfaced in “Something To Numb The Pain” as the band continue their tour with Death Blooms across the country. The first with new vocalist

NEWS: Blood Youth drop “Colony3”!

Earlier this week were greeted by the shock news that Blood Youth vocalist Kaya Tarsus would be departing the band following their performances at Slam Dunk Festival. In his statement he mentioned his Mental Health and we can’t speak highly enough of his bravery in doing so in the hope that in turn, that will

NEWS: Death Blooms won’t shut up…

… desperate to stay away from dead end jobs and remain firmly in the touring circuit, Liverpool’s Death Blooms have tag teamed in Wargasm for single “Shut Up” which was previously released as an audio stream and has now been given a music video. It’s one from their forthcoming debut album “Life Is Pain” which

NEWS: Blood Youth share “Body Of Wire”!

A third single in quick succession from Blood Youth sees them once again turn bile into beauty with “Body Of Wire” following “Iron Lung” and “Cells” via Rude Records as they follow up 2019 album “Starve” in some style. They have announced a wealth of live shows to take them all the way to the