NEWS: Bound In Fear premier third single from “Penance”!

15th October will see the arrival of the sophomore of Downtempo Deathcore collective Bound In Fear via Unique Leader Records and the curiously titled “Penance” has spawned a third single in “Beyond The Mire“. The outing features a quartet of guest vocal appearances with Jamie Graham (Viscera, ex-Sylosis, ex-Heart of a Coward), Nick Arthur (Molotov Solution), Kevin Muller (ex-Suffocation, The Merciless Concept, Alluvial) and Taylor Barber (Left To Suffer) all lending their throats to a 10 track affair that will have our full attention.

Guitarist Ben Sutherland commented: “The line between conscious and unconscious is something that is a great thing to explore in dark and heavy music. In this track we tread the tracks between thoughts that plague us in our waking hours, and how they manifest in our nightmares. The lyric ‘save me from insanity, is this my reality’ represents this troubling duality.

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