NEWS: Withering Soul break “Last Contact”?

…with Frank Garcia behind the camera, Chicago Illinois Blackened Melodic Death Metal outfit Withering Soul have premiered another new single from their 24th September releasing fourth studio album “Last Contact” in “Carrion Reflection“. Mixed and mastered by Dennis Israel at Clintworks Audio (Misery Index, Amon Amarth), the pre-orders for the album are of course available over at bandcamp.

The band comment: “WITHERING SOUL continues with their fourth installment of blackened melodic death metal, dramatic mood swings and eerie atmospheres. Last Contact is an anthology of stories that blur the line between the living and deceased and elaborates on the idea of receiving a communication from someone or something that no longer exists. Anything from a voice recording, a distress signal, to a star flickering in the night sky. The observer is left only to their interpretation, unsuspecting of what could potentially be something far more sinister than what appears. Reality is sometimes the scariest narrative of all!

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