Review: “The Living World Can’t See” by Destruction Of The Healer

We’ve often spoken about the hotbed of Metal talent that has been escaping from every nook and cranny in Australia as if brought to the surface by the huge machines used to mine for sort after raw materials in those distant lands. The latest in a long line to appear on our radar is Destruction Of The Healer, a solo Melodic Death Metal project from multi instrumentalist Jackson Meldrum. His debut EP under the moniker was in the Black Metal genre and called “Losing My Mind” and was followed just  six weeks later by “The Living World Can’t See“, the later being mixed and mastered by Kane McCarthy.

Soaked in distinctive Gothenburg sound (Dark Tranquillity, In Flames, At The Gates) influenced guitar work and galloping percussion like the rag in a Molotov cocktail,  “Mourning Tarnished” represents a stylistic step away from the first EP as soon as it begins with an instant vibrancy about the continuous leads that is as instantly addictive as a designer drug. An energetically high tempo coupled with a blistering performance all round leaves only the vocals and lyrical threads holding continuity between the two releases but that’s by no means a bad thing as variety is the spice of life. If anything, the second cut “Destruction of the Cured” is faster than the first while offering a sumptuous elongated solo that must have taken a fair few days practice to perfect. The vocals have been constructed incredibly well with a pair of layers, one deeper and one shriller put to good use on multiple occasions while with lines like “And in my dreams, I eat you alive!” which reverberate around the skull with a surprising amount of sing-a-long ability, despite having an other Worldly caustic prowess. It seems that death is only the beginning for Destruction Of The Healer [7.5/10]

Track listing

  1. Mourning Tarnished
  2. Destruction of the Cured

The Living World Can’t See” by Destruction Of The Healer is out now and available over at bandcamp.

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