NEWS: Idle Ruin shatter like glass!

Bitter Loss Records have announced that they will be handling a physical release including vinyl of the self titled EP from Australian Blackened Thrash outfit Idle Ruin. Pre-orders will be available from 5th November with the new version featuring a trio of bonus tracks including a cover of “Process of Suffocation” by Pestilence. In the meantime the band, who comprise drummer and lead vocalist Liam Anthony (Malakyte, Spektre, Decapitated Mum), guitarist Kaleb Doherty (Feculent, When Death Replaces Life) and bassist Tim Maastricht (Wartooth, Kaustic Attack) have shared a collage live performances in 2021 to form a music video for “Gods Of Glass“.

The band comment: “Gods of Glass is written about narcissists and the people you come across who try to intimidate or threaten you. These people have nothing else going for them besides their need for posturing. At the end of the day, they are insecure cowards. See-through and fragile, no matter the size. Just like glass.

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