Review: “Becoming Immanence” by Earthwomb

We perceive the creation of our music as an evolutionary process that mutates, fed by experimentation and the relationship with our immediate context, history, mystique and socio-political upheaval. Nature is important for the conceptual and sound construction of each piece in this release, because it is used as an analyzing device of topics such as energy, war, time, space. These concepts were also the starting point in the writing process, in the search for harmonies, melodies and rhythmic patterns that are built upon the same thematic foundation. This being such a specific and personal project, it seemed fitting for us to make this production a self-managed work from beginning to end. From the demo stage, then going through tone hunting, vocals layout up to the sonic vision that had to be printed in the mix, and of course the cover artwork design. This first chapter is finished, but Earthwomb remains an open book” ~ Earthwomb

Formed in Lima, Peru in early 2019, Earthwomb graced us with an atmospheric Black Metal debut demo “The Fractal Phenomenon” before spending the next two years honing their skills with dedication to their craft as Pedo Zamalloa (Guitars, Programming), Giancarlo Melgar (Vocals) and Eduardo Yalan (Guitars) envisaged developing on the devastating eternal sound that balances aggressive blackened riffage with wall of sound segments and raw piercing vocals that the demo offered. Citing influences in Wolves in the Throne Room, Akhlys and Trna the band have created seven cuts in “Becoming Immanence” that run just over the half an hour mark and in most peoples eyes and that of streaming platforms would be considered an album.

Dark, cinematic and encapsulating “Cosmic Revelation” is an introduction piece that feels like it belongs to the soundscape of a science fiction film scored by Hans Zimmer and provides for an intriguing and spellbinding call from beyond the void before “Fractal Phenomenon” reaches through the portal and pulls you through head first. There is far more polish and sheen from the 2019 demo to this version of the cut which sees Melgar demonstrate his demonic vocal prowess against a backdrop of incendiary Black Metal riffs that respect all the traditions of the genre with a dark melancholic melody at its black heart. The drums maybe programmed but they have been created with the idea that they could in fact be played by a drummer of flesh and bone. There is nothing mechanical about the drum sound they have chosen and nothing out of keeping with a natural performance. The first new piece is “Walkscapes“, which is something of a tour de force of modern Black Metal in epic grandeur with a wonderful rise and fall that offers moments of thought provoking clarity as it analyses the human condition before rising to a full on onslaught as if kerosene had been poured upon the funeral pyre. If you didn’t know any different, there is nothing to say that this trio could not hail from the icy cold barren wastelands of Scandinavia, there is nothing to suggest that they are in fact natives of warmer climes. Not that there should be or otherwise but it is a curiosity none the less. The instrumental “Trespassing the Paragons of Consciousness” is absolutely stunning, a jaw dropping atmospheric piece that progresses from a burning ember to a roaring white heat with orchestral like movements of glorious dark rapture. The band may have created this themselves without an outside ear, producing, mixing and mastering but they have been hard task masters to each other, leaving nothing sounding incomplete with no imperfections. “The Gathering” was the obvious choice for the first taste, a cut that has offers a well rounded feel on what the bands sound is. Bolder, darker and with more intensity it has a more punishing, harder hitting sound that stands out from the rest but only marginally. “Ulterior Revelation” then returns the cinematic as if cut from “Cosmic Revelation“, a sister of Medusa providing a horror soundscape to introduce one final onslaught in “Vital Flux“, their metaphorical opening of the gates of hell. It tails off into piano work that perhaps suggests there maybe something avant-garde on the horizon of a barren future shrouded in mystery [8/10]

Track listing

1. Cosmic Revelation
2. Fractal Phenomenon
3. Walkscapes
4. Trespassing the Paragons of Consciousness (Instrumental)
5. The Gathering
6. Ulterior Revelation
7. Vital Flux

Becoming Immanence” by Earthwomb is out 7th October 2021 and should be available over at bandcamp.

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