Throwback: “Scrutinized” from Hypocrisy!

There is a certain irony that as “Virus” by Peter Tägtgren’s Swedish Death Metal act Hypocrisy turns sweet sixteen they should announce their first album in eight long years in “Worship“. Tägtgren hadn’t long announced his departure as one half of Lindemann before hitting the road to play the music of the band he formed in 1991 and the 30th Anniversary celebrations wouldn’t be complete without that new record. As for “Virus“, it spawned a single music video for “Scrutinized“, the obvious choice as it features a guitar solo from Gary Holt of Exodus when it landed on record store shelves in 2005 via Nuclear Blast. Recorded and produced by Tägtgren himself at The Abyss in Pärlby outside Ludvika, Sweden, “Virus” is considered something of a return to form as it marks the perfect balance between melody and violence with credit being given to the arrival of fearsome drummer Horgh for lighting a much needed firecracker. The result is a blizkrieg sound with moments of Black Metal and Death Metal thrown into the mix like hand grenades with buzzsaw guitars and that intensity that defined their early works.

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