Exclusive Interview: Apollo Stands talk “Interstellar”!

After the huge success of their last EP “Minds” not only put Norwich based Progressive Metalcore outfit Apollo Stands on the map but buried their flag in it, some might have thought the pressure was on when it came to the follow up “Interstellar“. But if it was, it certainly didn’t show because the new album is full of both enchanting choruses and scorching riffs as well as having more than its fair share of plot twists. So here’s the first of two exclusive interviews with the band and if you missed the record, do your ear drums a favour and check it out!

How have you found the reaction to the singles “Insolarus” and “Pick Up” so far? “Bangin’, Mate (in a scouse accent). We have already received such high praise from reviews and magazines. Our fanbase has been blowing up over streams and views of our videos for these two tracks and we couldn’t be more grateful for their support and positive response so far”

Does “Interstellar” feel like the end of a chapter for Apollo Stands with the departure of vocalist Ryan Hase? “It will be for Ryan sadly and he did such a fantastic job on the record but for the rest us and our new singer who we have yet to announce and are currently prepping for upcoming shows, this is only the beginning. Changing band members will always feel like the turning of a page in a band’s story, but we see this more as the opening of a new chapter than the closing of an old one. We look forward to the direction that this change takes us in and will continue to grow and build upon our sound for many years to come”

Lyrically the record feels more personal than perhaps the title of the record suggests but actually it fits the music very well. How did choosing the title come about and what does it mean to you? “If we are completely honest most of them were working titles that fit the sound of the music before we had the lyrics written down and Ryan has always used the working titles as a guide line so it’s definitely a different approach but one that we have always done”

As you’ve developed the Apollo Stands sound, you seem to have moved in more of a Progressive Metalcore direction. Who would you say are your major influences now and how have they changed since work began on 2017’s “Join Us“? “The change in style is more a sign of the changes the band has seen since Join Us and the way we have developed over the years. Our individual influences have not really changed but you will hear elements of music from different artists such as NF and Apashe who really know how to build tension in their music and the cinematic feel has always been an integral part of our sound”

What would mean more to Apollo Stands at this moment in time – a European tour with a band like Skindred or an appearance at Bloodstock, Download or Tech-Fest next summer? “A festival would be great, but I think a tour is something that would be more beneficial to us in the long run. Getting out there and playing show after show in new venues would be a great way of cementing our place in the current music scene but festivals are always the end game and a huge dream of ours and hopefully, we will be at that point I the coming years.”

What’s next for Apollo Stands? “We plan to make the most of Interstellar and give it as much exposure over the next year with tours and festivals. We will soon be announcing our new singer as mentioned before and even more exciting news which you will hear about even sooner is that we have joined with EMG management and we are looking forward to working with them and see what the future holds with EMG at o0ur side. In terms of music, we are slowly writing again but taking our time and listening to the responses as they come in to bring you something even more special”

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