Exclusive Interview: Sirens Bay talk “Heed The Call”!

When the dormant desire to write and record music again resurfaced for Italian multi instrumentalist Alessandro Caberlotto, he took inspiration from atmospheric Black Metal and Blackgaze acts including Alcest and Ulver and started an instrumental project called Sirens Bay. The dark beauty of his debut record “Heed The Call“, an entirely self produced, mixed and mastered piece of work upon which he has played guitar, bass, ukulele and synths alongside programmed drums is simply astounding, bringing some fresh ideas to the genre along with that familiar ache. So naturally we spoke to him about the near half an hour piece of music and this is what he had to say…

How have you found the reaction to “Heed the Call” so far? “Well, this being the first release of a newborn project, I wasn’t expecting much exposure. I didn’t know if people would like this EP, or if they’d even want to listen to it. But so far the people who listened to it had good reactions and I got a lot of good feedback, along with many tips on improvements I could make. So I’m honestly satisfied for now, I hope more people get to listen to my music”

Having previously been in a Grindcore band many years ago, how did the desire to create Atmospheric Black Metal come about? “Black metal was one of the first genres of metal I came in contact with, and it still is probably the one I listen to the most. As I was younger, I was far more attracted by playing fast, violent music, but as I grew I found myself more and more fascinated by atmospheric music, be it in metal or even in electronic music. When I started playing and writing again, I knew that the basis of my music would be black metal, it almost came instinctively as I was writing. There’s something beautiful about the way aggression and more mellow passages are mixed, intertwined. That’s the kind of music I wanted to make.”

You mentioned a love of Alcest and Ulver as being inspirational in your biography, outside of music what else inspires you? “I’ve always been an avid reader: sci-fi and fantasy mostly, and I read a lot of comics too. Movies and tv series are another passion of mine, mostly horror. I think the horror genre, in spite of many cliche releases, was and still is a wonderful way to elaborate and exorcise our fears and our issues, both personal and as a society.  I found out early in my life that I wanted the media I consume to unsettle me, or at least make me think. Good for thought is the best kind of food”

There is a real dark and often cinematic beauty to “Heed the Call” with the soundscapes painting pictures in the mind’s eye. Would you like to write a score for an art house movie if the opportunity was there? “As I was saying, movies are a big passion of mine, and I often wondered about how composing for cinema works. I don’t think I have the talent or knowledge for it though, I’m severely lacking in the theory department, so it would be really hard for me! It would be a really interesting kind of challenge, though”

As a solo instrumental project out of necessity, would you consider working with vocalists on future works? Having shared the EP with Weaponry vocalist Al Bristow (who despite being in a Post-Hardcore band is a lover of Black Gaze) and for one, he’d love to work with you! “Well, I would like to work with a vocalist, but on a separate project. Sirens Bay was born as a solo instrumental project, and that’s how I would like it to stay. My tracks are written explicitly considering the absence of lyrics, that’s why the way they evolve doesn’t suit the common verse-chorus-verse structure. Not trying to be condescending, its just that without vocals, you need something to change to keep a track interesting. But I’m open, time permitting, to work with a vocalist on a side project, it’s been a long time since I wrote with the idea of someone singing a track, it’d be a really nice change of pace!”

What’s next for Sirens Bay? “I’ve already started working on a project I’ve postponing for years now: a concept album based on The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Coleridge. It’s my favorite book and its always been a dream of mine to translate it to music. Obviously its been done before, by the likes of Iron Maiden, no less, but still I would like to give it a try. Actually, first track is ready, six to go, as every part in the poem will have its counterpart.  It’s a huge undertaking for me and it could easily take months, but I’m in no hurry. Hope people will like it!”

Heed the Call” by Sirens Bay is out now and available over at bandcamp

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