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Review: “In the Shadow of the Lighthouse” by Sirens Bay

“A lone sailor is one night visited by a mermaid, who tells him an old legend: there’s a lighthouse where your deepest desire can become reality. If you follow the elusive strings of light, at dawn you’ll be confronted by the mysterious entity known as Laguz. If you can overcome its trial, you will be

Listmania: New Years Day Honours List 2021!

We reached a lot of milestone markers in the success of Metal Noise in 2021 and while we weren’t able to bring you anywhere near as many live reviews as we’d hoped for or any summer Festival coverage (for obvious reasons), there were some real bucket list moments chalked off, including our fly on the

Exclusive Interview: Sirens Bay talk “Heed The Call”!

When the dormant desire to write and record music again resurfaced for Italian multi instrumentalist Alessandro Caberlotto, he took inspiration from atmospheric Black Metal and Blackgaze acts including Alcest and Ulver and started an instrumental project called Sirens Bay. The dark beauty of his debut record “Heed The Call“, an entirely self produced, mixed and mastered piece of work

Review: “Heed the Call” by Sirens Bay

An instrumental solo project conceived by Italian multi instrumentalist Alessandro Caberlotto previously known for his works in Grindcore, Sirens Bay is inspired instead by atmospheric Black Metal and Blackgaze acts including Alcest and Ulver. Entirely self produced record, “Heed The Call” is the return of Caberlotto to music after several years of silence, the fires