Review: “Heed the Call” by Sirens Bay

An instrumental solo project conceived by Italian multi instrumentalist Alessandro Caberlotto previously known for his works in Grindcore, Sirens Bay is inspired instead by atmospheric Black Metal and Blackgaze acts including Alcest and Ulver. Entirely self produced record, “Heed The Call” is the return of Caberlotto to music after several years of silence, the fires of old rekindled by the desire to write and share music once more, playing guitar, bass, ukulele and synths alongside programmed drums, all recorded at his home studio…

…The sirens call comes from the beckoning ocean waves with the aching synths of “Heed the Call” that depict a protagonist starring into the abyss of the crashing waves into the into the jagged rocks below and contemplating the cards dealt by the wicked hands of fate. Despite the humble nature of the background to the recording of the record, it has no impact whatsoever on the quality of the recording itself, each intricate and emotive note of some of the more delicate parts of “Burial at Sea” sounding as crisp and as clear as they would in a more expensive setting. Programmed drums can often be harsh but here they have been done with a sympathetic ear to the melancholic and melodic tones of the dark beauty of this burnt sacrificial offering, the unrelenting blast beats of “The Trench” being the only part that a human drummer might struggle with. A record of captivating nature, it would make it the perfect soundscape to an art house movie about star crossed lovers that ends with a tragic death upon the rocks. Perhaps the biggest undertaking here is “Into the Blue Abyss” which surpasses the eight minute mark with consummate ease, a rich palette of textures and depth painted on a bleak blank canvas. Then there are the subtle tempo changes and slick transitions which are nothing short of masterful and by the final note you maybe left the wondering what you’ve just heard because this is majestic [8/10]

Track listing

  1. Heed the Call
  2. Burial at Sea
  3. The Trench
  4. The Night the Tide Rose
  5. Into the Blue Abyss

Heed the Call” by Sirens Bay is out 31st October 2021 and available over at bandcamp

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