Review: “Dead Thoughts” EP by Backbrace

Normally, we’d tell you what a band was about, their style, a bit of history, who was in the fold and where in the World they were from. But when it comes to this March released 4 song EP from Backbrace clocking in at 9 minutes, it’s not something that we can do for you. Why? Well… After the video for “Body Bag” appeared on our radar, we checked around and all that is known is that they’re a heavy metal band from Southeast Iowa. So if you’re out there people and you read this, drop us a line!

A buried speech sample ushers in the opening riffage of “Walking Scum” as the radio transmission is adjusted. A core of Metallic Hardcore with hints at the music of Varials and Spite, it features some choice kit work with a very well mixed and mastered sound. It’s instantly accessible and headbangable material that is insanely short at just 115 seconds, cutting off in its prime, post breakdown after a very short blast beat section. “Meant to Be” uses some Nu-Hate Gloom groves to set the tone. Rap-screams alongside some quirky guitar sounds make way for a huge breakdown and after its introspective socially aware lyrics about life where they come from, again this one cuts insanely short, like it’s just a clip of the full track…

…”Body Bag” describes the harsh reality of drug addiction from the perspective of those who stand by and watch while trying to help in anyway possible. Reaching their own breaking point and unable to provide trust, Backbrace tell the addict he or she is heading for a Body Bag with the kind of gang chantable lyric that will go down very well live. Vocally reaching out and touching Deathcore territory while slowing things down to almost downtempo in places it’s very well crafted. “Dead Thoughts”, the title track of this 4 song EP is shows some surprising melodic touches with an atmospheric break that has some Hispanic influences while keeping things raw. Heavy with breakdowns and an elongated feedback section before that final crush, it’s a choice cut on what is a real taste of what this band could be. It’s just the beginning [7.5/10]

“Dead Thoughts” by Backbrace is out now and available via iTunes.

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