NEWS: GROMADAh premier “Conscience” during label search!

As they search for a label for the release of an album Ukraine Progressive Death Metallers GROMADAh have been leaving singles like a trail of crumbs and with KoRn and Testament covers planned for early 2022, they’ve shared one called “Conscience“. In the name “GROMADAh” in one of the Slavic languages ​​coded “thunder” and “hell”. Thus, one of the meanings of the name – “hell’s thunder”. There is also the original meaning of the word “community” – a local social association of people. And this is the meaning of echoes in some texts on social issues. In addition, in the local dialect of Ukrainian, which some call Russian, this word means something huge and immeasurable. All these meanings coincide with the music and lyrics of Gromadah’s songs.

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