Playthrough: “Plague The Silence” from Befell!

Joining Hardcore Kings Sore Teeth on the Kingside Records roster will be Befell who have announced their signing to the label for sophomore EP “Grave Of The Condemned King“, set for New Year’s Day, 1st January 2022. They’ve shared the news with a guitar playthrough video for October released single “Plague The Silence”, a song that almost never happened…

The band comment: “Plague the Silence almost never happened, the change from almost just being kept in storage to our lead single was almost instant. We were having trouble figuring out melody and such for it so we just decided to make an absolute mosh anthem instead. The Jake Morgan feature was thought of on the way to recording the vocals, like literally I was driving down when I decided that he would be perfect and called him about 10 minutes out from arrival and he said he’d love to, so I walked in and told Bruce to only record the first verse and we figured out the chorus structure. The instant shift was crazy but it’s honestly because we’re a band who focuses on good melody and hooks so much that it just wasn’t clicking for a bit. The instrumental is pretty close to what Bruce sent in it’s entirety, some minor drum pattern changes and other and small details. It also was supposed to drop with a live music video since we played some shows with Jake singing his part, but technical issues delayed it. Lyrically the song represents those who destroy us for their own benefit and don’t bat an eye. It’s about those who will watch everything around them crumble but are totally fine if they personally prosper and this can apply to a plenty of situations, large and small scale. The “plague the silence” thing came from a) just sounding cool haha and b) the idea that the silence represents creating a nonexistent problem. Everything was fine until this person or entity had to come around and detriment something that was of no harm previously. Our lyrics are always widely open to interpretation and this one especially works, being able to be applied to all sorts of situations. Thank you guys for the support and I hope you’re digging this song!”

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