Review: “Midnights Abyss” by Neverworld

Following a brief period of rest an rejuvenation, the return of Neverworld with a new line up and a new EP is just the beginning as the lead single from “Midnights Abyss“, one called “The Other Side Of Midnight” serves as the first offering from a new as yet untitled album set for the spring of 2022. Ensuring that this release is more than simply a stop gap and new line up introduction a limited run of physical editions which feature a stunning three-panel artwork by story artist Andy Foster will appear beside the digital release as the band reach their twelfth year together…

…Symphonically tingled and with an instantly headbangable ear worm riff “The Other Side Of Midnight” allows Frankie Arnold’s vocals to shine while lyrically referencing the bands mascot The Crowman in a classic tale of night terrors and insomnia with a haunting quality. That classic Iron Maiden esque gallop is unmistakable while the solo is on point and a timely reminder of what the band are capable of, giving much promise for the new album. Diving back into the Power Metal inspired riffs with introspective lyrical themes “My Monster And I” references Arnold’s inner demons while driving rhythms provide all classic vibes you could possibly want coupled electric leads that raise the hairs on the back of the neck. While those lyrics are emotionally charged and expose raw underlying issues they don’t come across having the woe is me quality of Nu-Metal and instead offer something¬† Following that one two middleweight champion punch combination “Call To The Fallen” takes an entirely different approach as an acoustic Folk inspired Metal cut that has lyrical metaphors of bright intelligence despite the meloncholic nature of the song. It’s one that shows that the band could easily carry off a full acoustic album should they so desire before the orchestral instrumental finale that sounds majestic even without the luxury of a real orchestra. While these tracks don’t belong together and there is something of a disjointed nature to them, “Midnights Abyss” serves its purpose [7/10]

Track listing

  1. The Other Side Of Midnight
  2. My Monster And I
  3. Call To The Fallen (Acoustic)
  4. Into The Abyss (Orchestral Edit)

Midnights Abyss” by Neverworld is out 22nd November 2021 via One Eyed Toad Records

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