Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Left Hand Path.

A defining moment in Swedish Death Metal history came with the arrival of the debut full length album from Entombed, the first record to use the iconic Boss HM-2 pedal combined with the drop B tuning to create the buzzsaw guitar tone. “Left Hand Path” put the band on the map as a major force and combined with the raw and unrefined brutality of the vocals of the dearly departed and much missed Lars-Göran Petrov, raised the bar for genre. Recorded at Sunlight Studio (Katatonia, Amorphis, Darkthrone) with Tomas Skogsberg, it was described by Decibel Magazine as “the first “proper” Swedish death metal album“.

So to this week’s head to head and a real David Vs Goliath pairing and it has to be the title track and opening cut of the album. In the blood Red Corner we have Italian Death Metal act Grinder who recorded their rendition of the Entombed classic at Death Lab Studios with Francesco Garatti. In the Blue Corner we have Belgian titans Aborted who did their version on their 2010 EP “Coronary Reconstruction” with Century Media, a largely digital release with just a thousand physical copies created. Who Wins? You decide!

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