NEWS: Harbinger return with “Hate File”!

The age of suffering is over and a new chapter has begun for Harbinger as they have returned with a much teased new single in “Hate File“. While they had never truly left, a change in vocalist without new material to showcase his talents was always a rock that needed to be shattered and his name is Dilan Alves…

Dilan Alves comments: “For the past two years we have been working relentlessly behind the scenes to create the best art we can and I am immeasurably excited to announce myself as the new front man in the band and show everyone what we’ve been creating.

Harbinger comment: “With Dilan onboard, our mantra still remains the same. Big riffs, thought provoking lyrics, and a whole lot of heavy. This new release really broadens our influential palette. Dilan brings a wealth of inspiration – from the most brutal of metal genres to more vulnerable emotional styles like post-hardcore, and the music behind the vocals is dipping more into old school thrash and nu-metal. This all comes together to give you a post-pandemic Harbinger in 2021/22.

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