NEWS: Tymo prepare for Inter Planetary warfare with “Mars Attacks”!

Edmonton Thrash Lords Tymo have chosen a tale of Martians annihilating the human race and taking over the Earth inspired by the comic book and film of the same name “Mars Attacks” as the second single from an upcoming half an hour of power called “The Art Of A Maniac” which is set for 5th February. The single has been a long time coming and follows the new year old punch in the guts that is “Sanity Clause“.

Tymo explains further: “It was the song that really got the album going! We had already written “Sanity Clause” and “The Roy Parson Project”, but they weren’t finished in time for the release of our previous album “Purge & Reset”. It is our current favorite and it’s already becoming a fan favorite live! We have always been a big fan of the films and comics, it was more than appropriate to write a song about the Martians slaughtering all of the humans! If you love old-school Exodus, you will love Mars Attacks!

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