Review: “Extracelestial Ruin” by Daedalus Blade

A Death Metal solo project of Jason Higgins hailing from Ontario Canada, Daedalus Blade has returned with a third EP in “Extracelestial Ruin” since 2019’s “Solar Ascension // Wrathwalker” made its mark like the slap in the face of a scorned lover who hopes to draw blood with talon like nails. Previous offerings of sacrifice to the Metal loving masses have included moments of Black Metal, hints at a more Technical approach and lyrical themes running on suffering and Aliens…

…and this one is no different, a pandemic recording in collaboration with an unnamed vocalist via online file trading that provides for a shroud of mystery. Conjouring imagery of the cover artwork of “Tempo Of The Damned” by Exodus with a haunting piano introduction, “Overlord Overload” then charges headlong into a full on onslaught of staccato rhythms and fretboard smoking leads of ferocious intent. Caustic gutteral vocals that sear flesh at 20 paces but still manage to the audible for the most part make for a fine choice as “The Forgotten Monument” brings more of the old school Death Metal vibes that Daedalus Blade have chosen for their sound here. While you may have heard something along similar lines before, there is a timelessness to this that gives it an instant appeal and so much going on with the vibrant leads that you will want to return to it, time and again. All that is lacking is perhaps a better mix and master because as good as this is, in the hands of someone like Jason Soecof (The Black Dahlia Murder, Trivium, Whitechapel), it could sound even more immense. “Ulterior Invasion” returns to the haunting piano introduction before roaring like a demon and bursting with a plethora of breakneck speed riffage. For the first time, the programmed drums sound a little flat but in truth that’s barely noticeable as the quality of everything else is sublime and then just when you thought you had it figured out, “The Final Day” has a saxophone solo that broadsides like a juggernaut hitting a stranded sheep on the freeway. There is no doubting the quality on offer here, there is also the potential for greatness given the right prevailing wind [7.5/10]

Track listing

  1. Overlord Overload
  2. The Forgotten Monument
  3. Ulterior Invasion
  4. The Final Day

Extracelestial Ruin” by Daedalus Blade is out now and available over at bandcamp

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