Bootleg: Martyr Defiled at DonFest!

At the end of the final tour when Martyr Defiled called it a night on their career, their was something in the air that silently spoke and told us that they weren’t quite done yet. Their return to the stage for DonFest in Leeds at Eiger Studios on 27th November with the likes of Gassed Up, Guilt Trip and Annotations Of An Autopsy was pro-shot by Nick Tronckoe Media an has been freshly released on parole.

Before the show the band commented: “We’re very pleased to announce we’re playing Don Fest 2021, although it is with a tinge of sadness. This show is a memorial for Lito, a guy that many people in the UK scene may have interacted with, who sadly took his own life after a long battle with his mental health. Lito was a huge supporter of MD – as well as being ever present at shows, he was always a friendly face to chat to. All profits for this show will go to Andys Man Club, which is a support network for men struggling with depression. This will be our only show in 2021. We may do some more next year. We might even record some new tunes, who knows. But one thing we do know – the big shark is back in the water

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