Documentary: Behind The Scenes of “Deadlock” with InVisions!

…with two weeks to go before their third album “Deadlock” drops on us like a meteorite from the skies, InVisions have shared a making of featurette for the albums title track around the music video. If you like what you hear, another pair of singles from the record in  “Annihilist” and “D V P E” are already out in internet land…

The band comment: “Take a look behind the lens with ‘The Making of DEADLOCK’. Our incredible photographer and all around content king Cris Greaves put together this dope behind the scenes video from the shoot of our latest video ‘DEADLOCK’! When we started pre-production for the visuals for this record we knew that we had to step it up and honestly we just wanted to shoot some bucket list videos! No corners cut. No half measures. We’ve put everything we’ve got into this record, and in just 2 more weeks it’s yours! Big love

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