NEWS: Where’s My Bible announce “Circle” with “Escape”!

Adorned by glorious black and gold cover artwork by Niko Hiltunen, Heinola Finland based Metal band Where’s My Bible have announced that May 13th will see Inverse Records release and EP titled “Circle” from them. A four track affair mastered by Juho Räihä (Swallow The Sun, Countless Skies) at Soundspiral Audio after being recorded and mixed by in house by guitarist Pasi Löfgrén at Inka Studio, the band have also stated that each of the songs will be accompanied by a music video and the first of those is ‘Chapter I: Escape‘…

Singer Jussi Matilainen comments: “When it comes to the storyline of EP and videos they are all connected to each other and it tells a multidimensional story about mental health problems, mainly focusing on depression. I love to use metaphors in lyrics so Circle is more diverse than you might imagine at the first hear. i believe listening/watching after times it opens up over and over again to the listener. Fun to see what kind of experiences people will have from Circle.”

Guitarist Pasi Löfgrén continues: “In new material the band have taken new direction to a more modern metal but still having our own sound. The new material will be definitely darker than earlier stuff, serving bigger sound elements including some brutal, melodic and some fast stuff. It will be bigger and heavier W.M.B than ever than before.”

Guitarist Toni Hinkkala concludes: “I’m not saying that the journey with this release has been easy but now at the time of the release I can proudly say that everything has been worth it…A step to the dark side can also bring something beautiful with it…

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