Review: “ΣΚΕΛΕΤΙΚΟ ΣΚΟΤΑΔΙ” by Penny Coffin

If there is one thing that being locked in the heat of the eternal fires of a hellish tormented confinement helps nurture, it is creativity and to that end just nine months after Scottish Greek Death Metal quartet Penny Coffin released their debut EP “ΤΕΦΡΑ” (or “Ashes” pronounced “Tefra”), they have returned with a sophomore recording with the pair available in a strictly limited capacity via Dry Cough Records on cassette. Titled “ΣΚΕΛΕΤΙΚΟ ΣΚΟΤΑΔΙ” (or “Skeletal Darkness“) the new record sees the band grow from a trio to a quartet with new bassist Garry Ross joining guitarist and vocalist duo Daniel Paton and Joseph Edward Kelly and drummer Panagiotis Rodopoulos (Bionic Origin, Dominicide) with the outfit once again recording and mixing in house, this time having Apostolis Karalis At Flowers in Concrete Studios (Krushya, In Absentia, Discordance) in Patras, Greece master…

…as with their first onslaught, the snarling, venom and vitriol spitting vocals from Paton once again beckon you into the swirling darkness that shrouds the band in a cloak of pure evil, his demonic growls as bowel clenching as ever during the trio of bludgeoning cuts with plenty of suitably nasty lyrical black thoughts unfurling their wings. Blood and thunder percussive battery from Rodopoulos is what you would not only expect but demand from any Death Metal drummer worth his (or her) salt and the clean crisp quality of the drum sound means you can enjoy it in all it’s rhapsody with plenty of intricate fills around the usual jackhammer footwork and relentless blasts. But the band are clearly keen to show that they create more than that and while opening cut “Jaws” offers up some blistering, fretboard smoking guitar work with Deicide and even Skeletal Remains vibes, title track “Skeletal Darkness” is something other worldly entirely. After a dark and unnerving introduction sample speech from “I’m Thinking Of Ending Things” by Jessie Buckley, a slow, drawn out and tortuous death awaits with the assistance of guest vocalist Gråt Strigo as the quartet prove they and do bone crushing oppressive atmospheres as well as any Black Metal outfit. Swirling, menacing and sinister sonics pour out of every orifice over the eight minute run time, the kind inspiration that Stephen King may seek and not find elsewhere with this fearsome creation in Black. The almost tribal drum patterns of “Finality” are an intense reminder of what Rodopoulos is capable of as the band tear limb from limb with vicious bite and a plethora of juicy dark riffs, those American Death Metal influences once again shinning through the black clouds over head and if this isn’t enough to take them to Maryland Deathfest, then we don’t know what is [7.5/10]

Track listing

  1. Jaws
  2. Skeletal Darkness (ft. Gråt Strigo)
  3. Finality

ΣΚΕΛΕΤΙΚΟ ΣΚΟΤΑΔΙ” by Penny Coffin is out now via Dry Cough Records and available over at bandcamp

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