NEWS: Guillotine A.D. get armed and dangerous with “Hammer”!

This summer will see the sophomore album from Athens, Georgia based Southern Death Metal trio Guillotine A.D. see release via M-Theory Audio, to whom the band have just announced their signing. Known for their blend of old-school Florida Death Metal, Scandinavian Black Metal and New Orleans Sludge with their 2017 debut album “Guillotine”, the band self-described the motivation of their new album as wanting “to sound like if Obituary moved to New Orleans and tried to play down-tuned versions of Satyricon songs”. So while we wait to hear what that sounds like, the first taste of the pummeling to come has been offered up with a lyric video for “Hammer” the first single off of the upcoming record.

Says bassist/vocalist Adam Miller: “’Hammer’ is the first song we wrote after our first album was released. It is pure head-on aggression and shows in a straightforward way what we’re about. It’s a fun violent song about burning witches. It wasn’t intentionally written as such, but it could be a prequel to that Diamond Head song. Raf Ortega made a fantastic lyric video that perfectly captures the essence and intensity of the song. Play it at MAXIMUM VOLUME, soak it all in, and then get ready, because we have so much more to show you.”

Says, guitarist/vocalist Lance Miller, “We are thrilled to be a part of the M-Theory Audio family alongside such a talented and exciting roster of bands! It is a huge honor to work with Marco Barbieri, and with his guidance we will continue to grow and push ourselves further. We look forward to what we can accomplish with him and the rest of the M-Theory team.”

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