NEWS: Ironstone get distracted by treasures…

Continuing the train of singles that has kept them in the limelight, Australian Progressive Metallers Ironstone have returned with their first new material since Novembers well received “Mr Struggle” with “Shiny Things”. Mixed by Chris Themelco of Monolith Studios and mastered by Acle Kahney of Tesseract its one with a clear message in the lyrics about the downside of being too focused on material things and forgetting what’s really important.

The band says… “We had a lot of fun writing Shiny Things and an absolute blast making the video. We’re bombarded on a daily basis with advertising and a glossed over version of reality, and it’s all too easy to become drawn in. We saw an opportunity to poke a bit of fun while still demonstrating that the things we desire don’t always bring happiness, and a shiny exterior doesn’t always mean quality within.”

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