NEWS: Nightrage call out the False Gods!

If you missed it, last weekend saw the unveiling of the all new ninth studio album “Abyss Rising” from Nightrage. Mixed and mastered by Fredrik Nordstrom at Studio Fredman (ArchitectsIn FlamesOpeth) it sees the band unleashing hell in their most incisive, brutal, uncompromising and unforgettable Melodic Death Metal masterpiece to date and is one that needs and begs to be heard. In celebration of the release the band have shared a lyric video for “False Gods” for you to sink your teeth into…

About the album:
Abyss Rising. The third and last part of our conceptual trilogy about the unavoidable demise of mankind is finally here. The pandemic slowed us down but could not stop this journey down the abyss. This time we turned it up even more than ever before. It’s more aggressive, more melodic and more of everything that makes us NIGHRAGE. It’s a wild ride! Brace yourselves!” // Ronnie Nyman – vocals

“This album fills the gap on some of the aspects I expected Nightrage to address, many sound scaping passages with beautiful melodies, other complete chaotic and aggressive parts. I really enjoy the concept of complete obliteration of humanity to its smallest form and the way it makes you contemplate the insignificance of our time as individuals… The album feels solid to me and there’s something for everybody there… It will take you places..” // Francisco Escalona – Bass

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