NEWS: A blood stained hymn sheet for Crown Of Madness?

Hailing from Vancouver Canada, Crown Of Madness are set to bring dark and dissonant Blackened Death Metal night terrors to the heathen masses with debut EP “The Void” on 25th March. Finding inspiration from their love of fantasy RPGs, drawing heavily from Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and World of Warcraft, the second single they have chosen to whet the auditory palates of listeners is “False God’s Hymn”. Pre-orders for the record that features guest appearances from both Kaija Krimson and Claine Lamb are available over at bandcamp.

The band explains further: “False God’s Hymn was the first song we wrote for Crown of Madness and remains to be our most refined piece. It has a solid structure, where each part flows into the other smoothly, and each section is memorable. This song has all the elements we wanted to encapsulate in our overall sound; such as brutality, beauty, and sad emotions. The lyrics reflect humanity’s societal decision to continue to destroy ourselves and the planet even though we each possess the knowledge to save us all.”

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