NEWS: Any Given Day pray for the apocalypse?

While not yet official it seems that German Metalcore merchants Any Given Day have a new album in the works with #Savior appearing in the tags for new single “Apocalypse” that sees a Mirko Witzi (Another Now, Powerwolf) directed music video join it. The band have however announced the official amicable departure of drummer Raphael Altmann which happened two and a half years ago. Two and two make five? Probably.

The band comment: “We started to work on the song when the global pandemic started and because of the circumstances the whole writing process was a little bit tricky. Who would have thought that the topic of „Apocalypse“ is even more real today than 2 years ago. We want to spread the message that we all have to take responsibility in our lives and our society and not just to point at others. Instead of waiting for something to happen or to look for a scapegoat we all should ask ourselves how we can be an active part of the solution and not be part of the problem. If we all stand together, we can make an impact and can actually change things as a union

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