Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Blood Rooted.

Twenty-six years ago, Roots Bloody Roots pleaded for the preservation of Brazilian cultural diversity. Today, Kapitur’s distinctive revisit of the song revolves around the historical alienation of common people regarded as different, the bloody roots of us outsiders. It grips on the struggle of finding oneself estranged from one’s original and adoptive cultures, to the ongoing murder and colonization suffered by many in a land that was theirs for centuries; from immigrant, racial, religious intolerance to the global, modern alien anxiety suffered by African descendants and their relationship to an inaccessible homeland. Roots Bloody Roots is about you, or someone you know and care for” ~ Bruna Wanderley

One of the most recognizable songs by Brazil’s Sepultura is 1996’s “Roots Bloody Roots“, a  cultural statement on the social trife between the different groups present in the country as well as a cut that has been performed live by both the current line up of the band as well as Soulfly ever since. It’s one of those classics that never grows old, considered alongside “Davidian” by Machine Head, “Walk” by Pantera and “Self Bias Resistor” by Fear Factory as a cornerstone of 90’s Metal.


In the Blood Red Corner we have Kapitur who brings cello to a version of the song maintains all the power and aggression that the original does, with the classical instrument being played with as much intensity as the rest of the instruments played by Sam Neumann (drums), Bruno Coe (bass) and Zach Dean (guitars). In the Ice cold Blue Corner we have Arsames, a Persian (or Iranian) Metal Band Formed in 2002 in a country that their music is banned. They have been paying tribute to their heroes for the past two decades with covers of cuts from Carcass, Kreator and Slayer to name but a few while having some crushers of their own including the two month old “Testament of the King“, a cut about Darius King of Persia. Who Wins? You Decide!

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