Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! SOAD.

So it seems that one of the biggest names to come from the Nu-Metal era and Glendale California in Armenian-American quartet System Of A Down seem destine to follow Rage Against The Machine down the path of being a Festival or Arena tour act only with no new material, living from former glories. Not that that is necessary an issue, both of their first two albums are stone wall classics and there is enough decent material in the rest to create a decent live set, just that it’s a shame to hear that there is enough in fighting in a band not to be able to get into the studio and create. They will however be playing Download Festival 2021, so there will no doubt be a packed audience in front of the main stage for that. So without further ado, our head to head this week is that classic “Chop Suey” from “Toxicity” but with a twist. Both of these versions are black and white key heavy!

In the Red Corner, we have Viktoriya Yermolyeva, Russian Pianist extraordinaire performing the System Of A Down classic just over a decade ago. In the Blue Corner, we have Los Angeles Melodic Death Metallers Nekrogoblikon, who recorded their take on the song from “Toxicity” while in the studio with producer Jason Suecof and working on album number five. Who wins? You decide!

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