Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Maniacs.

They say that resistance is futile and it has to be said that, naming no names, there is at least one person we know who gets a kick out of blasting Metalized covers of 80’s Pop Songs and p***ing off the neighborhood. And why not? At least they can all sing-a-long to them, especially during the heat of BBQ season. So here’s one from Flashdance that we know you all know and Evergreen Terrace made one of our favourites back in the day. That’s right it’s time for a pair of covers of “Maniac” by Michael Andrew Sembello!

So to our head to head and in the Red Corner we have arguably the most prolific of the Metalized cover creators in Leo Moracchioli from Frog Leap Studios in Norway. Quite how he manages to learn, metalize and release one of these cuts each and every week while also creating an entertaining music video to go with it, God only knows. The dude has serious skills. In the Blue Corner we have Greek Power Metal mastersĀ Firewind who took their rendition to a whole new level for 2008’s “The Premonition“, their fifth full length album. Guitarist Gus G may have had a stint in Ozzy Osbourne’s band but we’d like to see what he could do back in Melodic Death Metal outfit Nightrage in 2022. Who wins? You decide!


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