NEWS: Harbinger locked in silent prayer?

Technical Groove Metal heavyweights Harbinger finished the Decapitated 25th Anniversary tour in style just seven days ago in Milton Keynes but time waits for no man so they’ve unleashed another Demon from the gates of Hell itself in “Prayer Of Deliverance” from their upcoming mini album “A Letter To Anguish”, their first with new vocalist Dylan Alves that is set to release on 25th May with pre-orders available¬†here.

The band comment: “This track is dedicated to anyone that has been displaced by human conflict, whether in the tumultuous and horrific times that we live in now, or in the centuries of cruelty that have gone before. As a species, we have seen so much suffering by our own hand throughout history, that you’d hope in an age of so much information we would do better than perpetuate the suffering – but it seems never ending. Prayer of Deliverance is a cry for justice for all the innocent lives that to this day are forsaken by powerful people that could easily help them – and a prayer that the ones who kindle this suffering are some day faced with a fitting comeuppance

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