Review: “Fighting The Monsters” by My Hollow

Comprised of six journeyman of Canadian Heavy Metal, My Hollow have left their Toronto base to play shows with everyone from The Agonist to Fit For An Autopsy since they started out almost a decade ago with 2013’s “Cold Dark Days“. Since then 2015’s “On Borrowed Time” saw refinement and focus with jagged edges being rounded off before things became some what quieter with just a pair of singles reminding fans that Angelo Giammattolo (Drums), Sean De Faria (Bass), Graham Gaudreault (Vocals) Greg Gallagher (Guitar) Matt Williams (Keyboards) and Danio Pirrone (Guitar) are still alive. Until now that is…

…Mixed and Mastered by Tyler Williams at Monolithic Productions, “Fighting The Monsters” is a triumphant return boasting 26 minutes of music that sits in the space between Metalcore and Melodic Death Metal with synths enriching a technical riff leaning guitar attack with thunderous drums and hints at Power Metal influences in melody, lyric and lead during opening cut “Vultures” that adds to an epic feel. That’s swiftly followed by the title track that sees Björn “Speed” Strid of Soilwork add a stunning clean vocal element to contrast the dry rasping uncleans of Gaudreault to an otherwise brutal attack that dances on the brain with rich texture and clever intricacies. The powerful stuccato riff breaks in the finale a fitting end to an absolutely crushing cut perfectly weighted for total annihilation of your ear drums. The classic feel of “Hell Or High Water” with its glorious almost Layne Staley esq backing vocals is reminiscent of Chimaira before the electronically augmented breakdown section moves into something straight from the sphere of influence held by the Gothenburg sound. It ends with the kind of rich vibrant grandiose magnitude that is usually reserved for bands like Dark Tranquillity and is nothing short of spellbinding. The synth solo of “Fades Through” is a wonderful touch in an otherwise straight 2003 era Metalcore cut, the icy keys adding something special to the blistering leads that will make any fan of that era of the genre not only turn their head in disbelief but launch themselves headlong into the pit at shows. There are also plenty of fresh ideas here that agument those styles of old with everything as razor sharp as you’d hope before skull crusher “The Iron Harvest” brings the curtain down in riff hungry, breakdown heavy style and Herein lies the problem with this collection of songs. Put simply it’s way to short and by the end you’ll find yourself like Oliver Twist, begging for more [8/10]

Track listing

  1. Vultures (4:59)
  2. Fighting The Monsters (ft. Björn “Speed”  Strid of Soilwork) (4:19)
  3. Hell Or High Water (6:26)
  4. Faded Through (5:17)
  5. The Iron Harvest (4:40)

Fighting The Monsters” by My Hollow is out 8th April

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