NEWS: ИORAM take lemmings to a whole new level…

It is a society of lemmings – Who follow whoever stands in front of them – And jump – Unaware of the consequences – And run – Ending their dreams


After releasing their debut five song EP “Anthropocene” in November 2020 with influences in Old School Metal and Hardcore, ИORAM (or Noram) are a band who have made their name from song writing in Italian. The quartet formed in 2018 in Naples comprises Alfredo Juliano (lead guitar) and Marco Maresca (drums), Victor Rodriguez (vocals) Lorenzo Massa (bass) and Pasquale Fedele (rhythm guitar) and have gone all metaphorical on us with new single “Lemming“. A clear reference to popular culture that wants small Arctic rodents (lemmings, in fact) to commit suicide en masse, a clear metaphor for the man devoid of critical sense and individual opinion following the mass pays the only possible destination… DEATH! Those lawyers at Sony Interactive Entertainment can stop sharpening those pencils now.

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