Throwback: “Cold” by Gideon!

As we prepare to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of Metal Noise, it seems fitting that the no holds barred mosh put destroying Metallic Hardcore crew Gideon are celebrating the 5th Anniversary of their seminal album “Cold“. The Alabama based quartet have chugged, double kicked and roared their way around the globe on on the back of that beast, their fourth long player in all, inspired by the sounds of the late 90’s while throwing in a few curve balls to ensure their presence is felt. Formed of scene veterans formerly of The Advocate, As Hell Retreats and Those Who Fear the outfit was formed almost a decade prior to the records release by drummer Jake Smelley and with cuts like “Cursed” featuring Bryan Garris of Knocked Loose and a ferocious live show to back it up, the album stands up just as strongly today as it did in 2017.

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