Track Review: “Dog Eat Dog” by Fox Lake

Dog Eat Dog is the combination of everything we want this band to be known for. It’s energetic, catchy, aggressive, thick, accessible, and incomparable. We wrote the bones of this song years ago, and it was one of the first songs that stuck out when we came back to the studio to start work on the music we’d be releasing this year. We pushed ourselves a lot on the instrumentation and even more so on the composition, and the finished product reflects so much of what this band is and so many of the tenets we want to build our future on. Lyrically it deals with owning the fear that controls so many people, stepping up and over it and moving past something that would stop other people in their tracks. It also touches on people’s inability to engage in any meaningful discourse and the “dog eat dog” mentality that permeates today’s political and social landscape. While the chest-beating and bravado is there, the core of the song is something very real and very critical of the fear that so many people will succumb to” – Fox Lake

Fox Lake stand at the bar and pour a perfect audio cocktail with “Dog Eat Dog“, abandoning the Rum and Bourbon and replacing them with influences in Hatebreed, Rage Against The Machine and the Beastie Boys as they issue a Hardcore cut that demands your attention. Coupled with a music video that reflects like a mirror on those you see in the world of Hip-Hop and in those from bands like King 810 and Deez Nuts, the attitude and aggression is unmistakable and addictive. You find yourself nodding your head without even knowing it. The guitar tone takes page from the Metallic Hardcore playbook with a heavier edge that reaches up towards the Deathcore realm without actually touching it making it instantly powerful, while the rhythmic groove is primed and ready to make seas of bodies swell in the mosh pits. Permeate the rap scream vocal flow with a few gang chants and you’ve got some fist pumping action right here, it’s time to get violent! [8.5/10]

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