NEWS: The Final Clause of Tacitus joined by Hacktivist AND Dropout Kings!?!

Why have one guest vocalist on a track when you can have two? That’s the approach The Final Clause of Tacitus took to “For Crying Out Loud“, tapping in both Hacktivist venom spitting frontman Jot Maxi and Adam Ramey of US Trap Metal masters Dropout Kings to serve their time. For their part, the genre bending quartet who hail from Reading have been dropping knowledge since 2016, sharing stages with everyone from (hed)p.e. to Skindred and Crazy Town in the process…

Vocalist Matt Dune comments about the collaboration and track: “I came up with the idea for the song after speaking with Jot (Hactivist) last year, and decided to write the song collaborating with Jot, taking both our styles, and incorporating them together. After we had written the song and I had the chorus down, I thought it was missing something and that’s when I thought of Adam (Dropout Kings). His vocals would sound perfect in the chorus, and the song was complete. Bringing in all the frustration of the past couple years, For Crying Out Loud is an ‘in your face’, kick in the balls kind of tune that you can’t help but bop to.

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