NEWS: Fit For An Autopsy share Lamb Of God cover!

Proving why Lamb Of God asked Joe Badolato to fill in for Randy Blythe for some shows when he suffered from the plague in spring, New Jersey Post-Deathcore collective Fit For An Autopsy have shared a cover of “Walk With Me In Hell“. Doing things how they should be done, Lamb Of God have repaid the favour by adding Fit For An Autopsy to the line up for some upcoming US shows.

Fit For An Autopsy comment: “When we started this band, Lamb Of God was one of our collective inspirations as to what we hoped FFAA could become one day. Uncompromising DIY work ethic, socially conscious subject matter, timeless songs and riffs for days. In celebration of our upcoming tour with them, we thought it’d be fun to do a little tribute to one of their classics. Please enjoy ‘Walk With Me In Hell‘.”

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