Spotlight: Vented continue what Joey Jordison started!

As Murderdolls celebrate their 20th Anniversary with Wednesday 13 confirming that in the absence of the much loved Joey Jordison would mean no future material from the act, a supergroup that once featured the legendary musician has begun their ascent to the Kingdom of Metal’s elite.

Vented started to work on their debut album “Cruelty And Corruption” in 2021, originally with the mighty Joey Jordison (ex-Slipknot, Vimic, Sinsaenum) on drums and French music producer HK Krauss (Sinsaenum, Betraying The Martyrs, Dagoba) behind the boards. Now the rest of the international supergroup, who comprise Sean Zatorsky (Daath, Sinsaenum, Chimaira), Gergo Hajer (Omega Diatribe) and Simon C. Bondar (White Tiger) have begun to unveil cuts from that album which they completed with Austin D’Amond (Bleed The Sky, Chimaira, Devildriver) continuing Jordison’s legacy behind the kit.

While the album has no release date as yet, “Requiem For Myself” and now “The End Game” have surfaced from the band, two of thirteen tracks said to have been recorded in the album sessions. Expect Death fired Groove Metal as the quintet prepare to unleash hell while raising their horns aloft in tribute to their brother and our hero in the not too distant future…

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