Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 EPs of 2018!

As promised in that first list which appeared just yesterday, were counting down towards 2019 with a bunch of 5’s. That’s right. 5 lists of 5. Why? Well 2018 has had some truly awesome Metal bands and releases in it… and long lists suck. Ain’t nobody got time for that. We’ve done 5x albums from the year past that any self respecting Metal Head should check out. So now it’s the turn of the EP.

“Balance” by Arcaeon

Released back in January, we had prior knowledge of this one being special having seen the band live at the return of The Arusha Accord. What we didn’t expect was it to be as perfectly balanced as it is. An absolute pleasure and a must listen if ever there was one.

“Juracan” by The Arusha Accord

We had to wait a lot longer for this one than was anticipated as the band went quiet after their pair of singles and appearance at UK Tech-Fest in 2017. That being said it was more than well worth the wait as this is quite frankly brilliant.

“wWoof” by aAnd?

This one is one that caught us completely off guard. The Bournemouth quartet got together to make music for girls, beer and tax purposes and produced a stunningly good and cracking good fun EP in the process.

“Body of Integrity” by Betrayer

Another band from Bournemouth are Betrayer. They create a Metallic Hardcore sound and this EP is an absolute banger from the very start. The future of this band is brighter than the sun.

“Substance” by Second Death

Released in March by America’s self declared friendliest Metal Band, this is an EP of all killer no filler tracks from a brutal band at their finest. If you’ve not heard this, you’re missing out.

Tomorrow? The Metal Noise Top #5 most Disappointing Albums of 2018!

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