NEWS: Upon Your Grave begin to transcend between Worlds…?

It’s rapidly becoming clear that Christian Donaldson (Cryptopsy, Psycroptic, The Agonist) has been a busy bunny of late with a lot of recent work having his stamp of approval in the mixing and mastering game. Another with his name embossed on it is the upcoming 7th October releasing EP “Gold & Decay” from Canadian Melodic Death Metal outfit Upon Your Grave, whose vocalist Jordan Jolicoeur is a self confessed sci-fi geek. That lends to a lot of the lyrical themes on the record, from which you can now sample another single in “Transcend“.

Vocalist Jordan Jolicoeur explains: “Transcend talks about a dystopian future where we put our bodies on warranty with cybernetic enhancements and augmented brains. Searching for a way to ascend with technology and bring the next step in evolution. Heavily inspired by Ghost in the Shell and cyberpunk elements, this one might interest listeners who like these aesthetics or know them. It’s a big song that begins with a slap in the face, brutal riffs, and relentless drumming. bringing you in deep waters all along until it lets you breathe with a shredding solo. we really like this one as it is an experience to play it as a band.”

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