Throwback: “You Traveled Many Miles (For A Metal Show)” from Skelator!

Almost 25 years of Killing Posers has paid off. Now the Agents of Power have summoned the King of Fear himself, SKELATOR!

Ahead of the release of their new EP “Blood Empire” later this week, we travel back in to an age of Swords and Sorcery with some classic Skelator. Appearing on compilation album “Time of the Sword Rulers” which contains their 2005 EP “Swords” EP and their part of 2006’s  “Gore of War” split titled “Time of the Sword Rulers“, this week’s throwback is fans favourite “You Traveled Many Miles (For A Metal Show)“. A cut which should need no introduction with its Slash style soloing, it finds the Seattle, Washington Speed Metal merchants in fine form as they depict the journey the fans have traveled across the seven seas of sin to raise a poison challace to the band. Something epic walks this way…



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